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Kazakh-American Free University is a university of international partnership. KAFU was founded in 1994. Erejep Mambetkaziev, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the University of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was the author of the idea and the creator of the university.

Since Kazakhstan joined to the Bologna process and accepted the transition to a three-level-system of higher and postgraduate education, KAFU became one of the first universities in the Republic that started realizing the concept. It offers not only bachelors degrees according to international standards, but also Master’s and Doctorate degrees (Ph.D).

KAFU is fully integrated into the world educational space. The university encourages the growth of academic freedom, academic mobility of students within the framework of the Bologna process, and realizes students’ studying abroad programs. 20 universities and educational organizations in the USA, UK, Canada and Russia partner with the university.

KAFU has a state certification and certification of quality management in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standards (NQA Global Assurance United, United Kingdom). Over the last seventeen years, the university has achieved significant results. It successfully passed International accreditation of all business majors in the undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. programs. The accreditation was granted by ACBSP, the organization for international accreditation of educational institutions (USA). World-renowned Association of Business Programs ACBSP has accredited 828 universities, of which 134 are outside the United States. KAFU is the first institution of higher education in Kazakhstan that was accredited by this prestigious organization.

KAFU maintains quality of training according to the international requirements and standards for gifted bachelor students and 410 graduate students of KAFU were awarded grants for various study abroad programs. 320 foreign partners from the United States, Canada and Europe have participated in educational activities at KAFU, 200 top undergraduate students have done their internship in the U.S. through E2 Educational Services, 16 teachers participated in training programs in the best universities in The United States of America. Today KAFU graduates successfully work in Kazakhstan (Government, leading enterprises, companies, firms and banks, etc.) and abroad (USA, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, China, Australia, Britain, Bulgaria and other countries).

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