Information about International Scientific Journal, named «KAFU ACADEMIC JOURNAL»

The journal is published once in a year and each issue includes the following headings (all articles are published in English):

1) Education and Training. Topics of articles in the section cover general issues of education, electronic technologies in education, pedagogy and teaching methods, psychological aspects of education, education in schools, education and health, education and environment, etc.;

2) Problems of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication. Topics of articles in the section cover the methodology of language teaching, interactions of languages, culture, society, world literature and practice of translation, the history of languages, general philology, etc.;

3) Problems of legislation. Topics of articles in the section cover civil and family law, administrative law and public administration, criminal and criminal procedural law, international law and foreign countries, labor and tax law, and other aspects of political and legal problems;

4) Business administration and society development. Topics of articles in the section cover issues of management and marketing, quality management system, crisis management, finance and taxes, general economics, sociology and social psychology, and other aspects of social and economic, environment, and health issues;

KAFU ACADEMIC JOURNAL is a scientific journal, registered in the U.S. Library of Congress, ISSN 2153-926X. Editor-in-Chief: Marshall Christensen, Portland, Oregon, USA.

According to international standards in publishing, the articles, published in the journal, recommended for publication, consist of theses and research results of PhD students, candidates of different levels, and scientists, residing outside the United States.

Formatting requirements for the articles: 10-15 pages of full of typewritten text, 14 - Times New Roman, single-spaced, the 1.5 cm indentation of the paragraphs, 3cm margins.

The body: Article title in capital letters, initials of the author(s) of the text, references required.

Bibliography: APA-style.

All materials are accepted in electronic form only.

The article must have information about the author(s), which includes his full name, title, academic degree, research interests and contact information.

The Address of the Journal’s editor in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan-American Free University, Gorky st., 76 (office 112), e-mail:

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