Conflict management at the workplace

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Author: Mohammad Rafi Jorazada (Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan), Kazakh-American Free University, Kazakhstan

Conflict often defined the differences in interest, thought process, understanding, requirements, attitudes, perception as well as need lead to a conflict. When individuals do not agree to each other's opinions, a conflict occurred or conflict can occur at any places like in organizations, company, groups, homes and even at the high level of diplomatic area between one country to others globally.

Conflict arises whenever individuals have different values on culture, religious and believes, and it occurs when different opinions, needs, and interests is arising.

Understanding of the conflict in better way:

Alexander and Vladimir are working in one of the company and they both are good friends of each too, in one of the project, they were asked to give their inputs on a particular issues in the project assigned to them by their manger, there were a big differences in their understanding of the project and both could not agree to each other's ideas and thoughts. Alexander wanted to implement the project in a specific way which did not go well with Vladimir. The result of the difference in their opinions was a conflict between the two and now both of them just can't stand each other on their ideas and opinions.

The difference in the interest, thought process, nature and attitude of Alexander and Vladimir contributed escalation to a conflict between them and this is called the conflict.

Conflict is not always negative or translated in negative way, but sometimes it is positive too, disagreement on better implementation of a project is a good sign of conflict which result to have better completion of a good project

And the Conflict management assist us to find a middle way, it is an alternative to any problems which results a successful implementation of a project in an organization or in a modern company. The problems and issues should be addressed in the right time and in the right place to prevent the conflict and not to damage other parts of the project or the organization in the future, with the conflict management skills and knowledge, the team explores all the possible reasons to fear which may later leading to a big problems and tries to resolve it in a fast way.

Conflict Management is always important as it is always good to prevent clash at the first place rather than facing its negative costs which damage the around us or the whole company.

With the right and the result of managing of conflict, the daily stress decreasing with the company employers, the employees are felt better and motivated towards of a better company.

For the healthy and enrichment of an organization it is always recommended that the conflict should be avoided at the workplace and to make the organization a better place for the good competitive environment. All employees of the organization to ensure the safety measures are taken in advance to prevent conflicts at the workplace. The employees are the assets of organization and they should feel motivated to perform well and make the organization a great place to achieve the organization mission and vision.

We can't work alone, for the better work output we are always depend to the team and work with the group of people to achieve the organization's objectives and conflicts lead to tensions and nothing productive comes out of it and can't accomplish the given task in a proper way.

Natalia and Angelica were a part of an organization team, both of them had excellent academic records, were hardworking and were never short of ideas. But, Natalia and Angelica never loved each other's opinions. Their team never achieve any-given tasks and failed every time.

The conflict between Natalia and Angelica is the real reason why their team couldn't perform well. The success of any team is directly relevant to the good relationship of team members and respect the ideas among the team.

As per above, the result of conflicts, employees waste their maximum time and energy in argument and find it very difficult to focus on give-task. The time which should be used in doing fruitful work goes in finding faults in others and fighting with each other. We should always remember that our organization is not paying us for fighting with each-other on different ideas, instead they are expecting productive work from us. And the conflict management stops the increasing of tensions and permit the employees to be more serious about their works and the objective of organization.

Conflict Management plays a very important role at workplaces as it prevents unnecessary tension and makes organizations a better place to work and achieve the organization's objectives.

Unresolved conflict can create serious and quite varied consequences involving high financial and human costs. For example, a study conducted by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) reveals that 80 percent of disputes have a significant impact on the smooth running of business.

For instance, employee conflicts can lead to frustration and low morale, which can result in missing deadlines, loss of confidence and trust levels, communication problems, withholding of information, withdrawal, or absenteeism. Apart from performance-related consequences, disgruntled and aggrieved employees tend to take a more rights-based approach which can result in an increase in court cases and associated legal fees.

Cram and Williams distinguish between first-order effects (quantifiable), such as lost revenue or employee replacement costs, second-order effects (harder to quantify), such as missed opportunities or increased supervision and management, and third-order effects (impossible to truly quantify), such as passive-aggressive behaviors exhibited by disgruntled employees or the poor image of the company within the organization.

The cost to the organization measured high and such conflict should be avoided and stop immediately.

Prevention and how we should ovoid the Conflict:

The conflict is a disastrous phenomenon caused to create chaos and anarchy among the people and the community. There are good ways to help and prevent any conflict before starting it. We need to be vigilant and cautious and take some time out to think of the fight if it is beneficial or provides any solution.

Those who create conflict and tension do not get any benefit and efficiency out of it, but conflict is really a wastage of time and energy that is resulted to the other various inconveniences. All of us should try our best at an optimal level to prevent the conflict.

There are constructive solutions in place to prevent conflict by controlling emotions and attitudes. First, learn how the other individual reacts as he might get too hyper, however it is us to control our emotions and remember that other individual might not be as educated as we are and or might not be from the same background. Respect to other individual's opinion and try to provide comments in a professional manner and avoid being imperative and directive. Be a good listener and discussion would be the best way of solutions. Remember to discuss with him and try to compromise and find a solution.

Gentleness and amenity would cause to give an end to the conflict. All in all, be flexible and try to find alternatives and never be regretted at any point.

Another alternative to prevent the conflict would be to control the way we react and talk. We need to think deeply before speaking. Sometimes, with no reason we spoil our environment by making unnecessary noises and shouts which create a lot of crisis and tensions around us. In case of the worst scenarios, try to soften our voice and talk to other individual with respect and dignity.

Communication is the best asset to end up the conflicts. We should pursue a very clear and smooth communication in a transparent manner and also avoid misunderstandings. Try to be concise in all communications and make sure that we are clearly state our desires and opinions to an effect that the other individuals clearly understand us which will also prevent the fight. Mutual respect would be a core value to end up the conflicts.

Try our best to give respect to other individual to express his views and opinions and never continuously criticize. Bias must be avoided as it creates problems to all people. If a conflict arises among group members; make sure we address all the participants together.

Some people feel guilty if they have done anything wrong and do not admit to their faults. however, no one should feel guilty in case of doing something wrong and be the first one to express our regrets and apologize for our mistakes. The apologies prevent unnecessary tensions and sorrows. Forgiveness is the sign of loyalty and honesty.


To prevent the conflict in all our affairs as well as in the workplace will bring prosperity, success, and pleasant relationships among the people in the community and the workplace. There are some conflicts that bring up unprecedented costs to a particular organization, and the prevention of the conflict will avoid all those including the tensions. Furthermore, the conflict affects the personality and dignity of an individual which caused to destroy his reputation within the community and at workplace. Those who avoid conflict are highly admitted and respected and win the popularity and granted value in all aspects.






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Table of contents: The Kazakh-American Free University Academic Journal №12 - 2020

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