Development of extreme tourism is in east kazakhstan: kinds, features and unicity of terms

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Bogorodskaya Oksana, Kazakh American Free University, Kazakhstan
Mamyrbekova Dinara , Kazakh American Free University, Kazakhstan

Key to success of business - in innovations, that in turn give birth creativity.

James Goodnight

Fortunately, far not all want to conduct rest, sunbathing on a beach or sipping cold beer in an off-shore bar. There is a large group of tourists that prefers the different forms of extreme tourism. They adore every adventure turns that now and then is offered by travel agencies. It is important to understand that any adventure turn is not only interesting and entertaining leisure but also method for short time to purchase considerable vital experience. If in an ordinary cruise turn a tourist is anymore a spectator, then in adventure turns a tourist is his active participant.

In extreme tourism all is built on his unusual forms and sharp feeling during a turn. It touches, for example, an alloy on the mountain rivers, turn on mountain peaks, hunt-safari or any other trip. It rather is not rest in generally accepted his understanding, and test itself in extreme surrounding term sand confluence with nature. In our the days many aspire exactly to such feeling after by monotonous work be that by a designer, engineer or office worker.

"Steel is tempered in a hot fire"... Leaning against this metaphor, it is possible to say what only in wild, primordial terms, a man shows all accessible to him character traits. For someone a sally of similar family will be a test on durability, and for someone will serve an unique instrument for development and becoming by a build command - for example, single collective bound by one aim. In fact got is experience and sense forever root will be taken the command of work for travelers in consciousness, allowing in everyday life to lab our for the best result working in such collective.

But however speech will go about the extreme types of tourism with max - by the possible level of comfort for travelling.

To beginning of the third decade of Independence we befit with practically fully destroyed by the system of active rest.

A decline of sporting tourism is in the masses, resulted in impoverishment materially of technical base, in these connection fans of extreme types of tourism, literally force to work with a long ago serving out a term useful servings as equipment. It is RISK foremost, and already from more or less other side inconvenience related to the out-of-date standards and wearing out.

An aim is - to provide perfect security in a trip and maximal level of comfort to the people, giving possibility to use a front-rank equipment and equipment, and instructed by the best from the best.

Basic direction an enterprise is satisfaction of human requirements in rest, active rest.

An aim is an enterprise - nowise does not abut against the "receipt of income". An income arises up as a result of achievement of aims of enterprise.

If to examine a question in global scales, then on the nearest period of time the task of development of industry of thong parks stands on all Kazakhstan. First of all in plans stand, regions with large potential.

Then we will embrace districts in that it is required to erect artificial building.

Quality, here, that matters. At the market of Kazakhstan with everything there are not many tourist firms that would entirely meet wishes consumer, not to mention about the firms of specialized on active rest. All try to develop an infrastructure, and alas nobody begins to think about quality rendered to the tourists of services. In ninety percents cases getting off-grade maintenance of only one times, a desire to come once again can fall off for a visitor, and the more to recommend to the friends and acquaintances. Therefore priority for us is quality of the given services better studies on stranger errors, what to assume own.

To the people that live in cities, it is necessary though now and then to have a rest from permanent noise and fuss. Secluded on nature with family and friends. Many do so, drive out on picnics. Such rest palls very quickly. Although it where more interesting, than to sit in apartments, but however monotonously. Somehow diversifying the everyday life is possible active rest that much more enthralling, than seat on a glade, let even after a juicy shashlick. But not everybody can itself allow a journey to the mountains or on a sporting base. And not only because such journeys cost very expensive but also on other reasons. For example, if there are children in family, them will not leave one at home or on a base, and to take them with itself in mountains very dangerously. Motion is basis of life, it needs to all. Motive activity assists the correct forming of man on any stage of life, and especially - in her beginning. The special value for a health motive activity has in natural zones.

Nature was and it remains to the sources of life, health, work, physical and spiritual development of man.

A thong park is an enthralling set of thong constructions on height of from 3 to the 10 meters above earth. In our park all stages are worked out with the different levels of obstacles, thus, creating all terms, for the people of any age and physical preparation. "Tarzaniya" is an ideal place for active rest, and unique ground for realization of corporate measures. Height, sense of risk and fear, here where hardness of spirit and will open up to victory. And the emotions of participants will help to expose sense of respect for the participants of the command. We consider providing of maximal safety the above all task. All tests, since the first step of stair, a participant passes in the special equipment and under the supervision of skilled instructors.

To get a municipal enough man on some mountain peak, as the special sense suddenly wakes up in him with unusual force. We usually live and move in area of two measuring of horizontal plane on length to the width. Sense of the third measuring on vertical lines, in our ordinary life caused nothing.

At most, that has to be tested, it is a height of multistoried building. And it very narrows all line-up of our ideas about nature. Business even gets to the point where present gets to the point where present the special nervous illness, named" dread of height".

Gores easily simply return us to normal psychology at that sense of height excites gladness, and from that moment, as it appears awakened, the whole world of our experiencing is unusually enriched.

It is needed to say that in Europe this type of realization of leisure is known already a long ago enough and uses stable demand. Thong parks work in many European cities. They are so popular there, that within the limits of one city it is possible to meet a few ten of thong parks: simple and difficult, for children and adults. Building of thong parks, intended for the daily use and realization of training employments, competitions and such measures, as, for example, corporate commando games of type of teambuilding. Creating the Thong park, it is foremost needed to count on an unique ground, passing of that would not require physical efforts, but would keep the participants on a permanent tiptoe from feeling of height and losing balance.

All like to conquer un criminal tops. Because climbing is not only sport but also spiritually-moral satisfaction.

Rock climbing is this extremely enthralling, active and interesting employment in the circle of friends. Perfect security of employments is provided by due to work of experience instructors, and similarly to the durable equipment that must be equipped with climbing walls. Rock climbing replaces any movable games easily. Rock climbing is in the whole of the world confessed by the best employment not only for adults but also for children:

- rock climbing is unique in its way, type of activity, allowing to harmoniously develop all basic muscles of the body, not overloading a locomotorium.

- rock climbing teaches right on top of the possibilities and more safely to climb on rocky arrays and other suitable to climbing objects.

- rock-climbing strengthens the health of children, liable to the different catarrhal diseases in the course of investigation of subzero immunity, to the nervous stresses and diseases of SLM (to the scoliosis).

- rock-climbing develops the intellectual internals of sportsman, that are the mortgage of success with any business and business, effectively. Every young rock-climber possesses the "chess" thinking, observation and purposefulness.

In opinion of doctors and psychologists, by means of climbing on vertical surfaces all groups of muscles develop evenly. Thus, an organism becomes stronger complex, and there are not fears to "pump" over to itself some one part of body or as a bonus to get, for example, excessively wide shoulders. Thus, not just train muscles, but flexibility and adroitness develop in parallel.

Secondly, rock-climbing develops photographic memory, spatial, tactical and strategic thinking. In other words - that it needs to any leader and man needing success. Here ability of instantaneous acceptance of decisions practices similarly. There is especially no time to think, necessary to do a next step and accordingly to choose, on what ledge to take a step. An error is falling and all at first. Therefore by will - by force begin to think over a few forward steps, to develop strategy, and at the same time quickly to decide that to do.

And, in - third, this sport is excellent medicine from depressions and complexes. He allows believing in the possibilities, understanding that unattainable tops are not. A self-appraisal rises together with every passed wall. Willpower and faith in their abilities are trained almost better than muscles.

All like to conquer un criminal tops. Because climbing is not only sport but also spiritually is moral satisfaction.

Not secret, that every activity of man is attended with some stake of risk what that was like to not. In case with thong parks, a few groups of risks it would be necessary to pay attention on that appear:

- first and most important is a risk of blowing off participants. And as a rule, sharpest problem, decides by the simplest method. It is necessary in full to eradicate admittance of participants without corresponding equipment. Absolutely everybody must be equipped in the insurance system and helmet, and also it is necessary to set permanent instructor control after the visitors of park.

- the second risk is the risk of "uproar" on the territory of the park. Happens and such, that a having a drink or dissatisfied visitor in direct sense begins to arrange a "row". By reason can that become whatever, from a turn in a park, to the conflict on the ground. That decides the call of guard of the park and the "disqualification" of instigator.

- the third risk is a risk of breakage of both insurance equipment and death load carrying structures of building. And if in first case, equipment falls out because of direct wear, and the period of life stingily limited to time, then death load carrying structures, can be caused by natural factors, such as is an earthquake and fire. And similarly can cause by natural factors, such as is an earthquake and fire. And similarly can caused by natural factors, such as is an earthquake and fire. And similarly can be caused by mechanical damages. Therefore, any work of the park must be begun with examination by the instructor of constructions and insurance equipment.

In general probability to run into the third risk maximum small. And it contingently that at the use of the certificated equipment keeping a triple reserve of durability, we build a fortress; will break that difficult even to nature. But a risk is nevertheless, and we cannot not announce him. Conducting all precautionary measures it is possible to take the risks of rejection of the participants of traumas on attraction to the zero.

It was similarly desirable to consider another type of extreme demand is a rafting alloy on the mountain rivers. Sporting alloy on the mountain rivers and artificial rowing channels. A word "rafting" originates from the English word "Raft", that in translation means a "raft". Rafting is a command type of sport. Every participant during an alloy executes certain functions, and a crew executes pointing of the leader-captain (experience instructor) on the whole. An alloy on the rivers is the employment of the immemorial. Present certificate that hundreds of centuries to our era ancient people traveled on the river son a canoe. With the process of civilization on the rivers. In our days alloys purchased entertaining and health character. Now an alloy on the mountain river is one of the days of, among other types of extreme tourism. Remains to add that on the rivers - one of the popular types of sporting tourism, he is water tourism. Rafting fundamentally differs from other types of ship on that produced alloy, so by ideology. Rafting is the commercial type of the alloy, is best for participation no previous experience is required in an alloy. It is enough to pay a turn, and you in a group. That the rivers are easily accessible and to them roads are attached on the start and finish of the route. For rafting the rivers befit with the abundance of thresholds, shiver, cracks and waterfalls. Such rivers are usually located in mountain areas or on very relief locality. As a result, similar districts are poorly or in general not populated, that finds mass of positive reviews from the tourists-earliest explorers.

Initially under a word "raft" an inflatable rescue raft was implied. However, for alloys on the rivers such construction was not intended. After bringing of the respective changes, the stretched and got the certain degree of maneuverability. Except it, on the sides of such raft it was possible to sit to the rowers, that did him a valuable of small size ship. Routes for rafting are classified on six to the point scale (1-6) of categories of difficulty. What higher category, the more difficult and more dangerous route. Obstacles also characterized on seven to the ball scale (0-6) of categories of complication. Like routes, here too the level of danger proportionally grows with the increase of category. Rafting is dangerous enough fascination, especially, when the question is about the routes of the 3rd and higher category of difficulty. Basic dangers are:

1) Overcoming of powerful thresholds and waterfalls

2) Hit of alloyed in "barrels" and obstructions, submarine pockets

3) Receipt of traumas, super cooling, remoteness from civilization and, as a rule, in communication.

The organizations specialized to date organization of commercial alloys to the third category of complication (inclusive) by duration from 1 to 10 days, giving a maximally possible comfort in wild terms.

So, it be possible to say? In extreme tourism must work:

- only with the certificated equipment;

- all the instructor must be rock-climbers or alpinist completing course the special preparation;

- to use the continuous system of insurance, that allows fully to eliminate probability of derangement;

- all constructions must Planning pass the necessary test loading and get the certificate of accordance.

That accumulative experience allows creating and moving forward the interesting parks of attractions, aimed at the wide audience of visitors. It would be desirable the parks of dream, were certainly created that at a desire would work in the day and night, and in and summer winter. Constantly improving, both in building is going to amusement and in maintenance of visitors, realization of the regular training and in-plant training for the personnel of parks will allow to bring and give to the people only holiday.


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